Jonas Witt

Jonas Witt is a Medical Doctor with a background in Digital Health who decided not to pursue a clinical but rather a career in Tech. For many years, he developed a passion for accelerating technological developments and their consequences for society. Given that humans have a poor intuition for exponential growth, it is likely that technological developments in the coming years could significantly exceed their expectations. Since 2022, Jonas has co-hosted the podcast Ereignishorizont, where he discusses exponential technological developments with experts from the DACH region.

He co-founded the digital health startup mama health, a patient platform to find and learn from other patients with a very similar journey.

The Technological Singularity

How do you feel about the world? Is it loaded with problems, becoming more and more complex? Does it seem to move a lot faster compared to when you were a child?

In fact, technology and its impact on the world is advancing perhaps faster than ever before, and there is little reason to believe that this will change. An emerging concept from the tech world called the ‚Äútechnological singularity‚ÄĚ points to a dramatically different future than most people expect. Although highly controversial, it is worth understanding the fascinating and frightening perspective of Silicon Valley futurists.