Engins e.V.

About us and the association

Engins e.V. was founded in 2018 by students of the University of Potsdam with the aim of creating a local network of creatives, thinkers and doers whose members inspire and support each other with new ideas that serve the common good and society. This is also the origin of the association name Engins: Engage and Inspire.

Another important objective for the foundation of the association was to create a legal basis for the organization of TEDx events. Currently, association members are mainly active and former students from Potsdam or Berlin universities from various disciplines. However, membership is open to all like-minded people.

Topics & Projects

The first project of Engins e.V. was, TEDxUniPotsdam "Seeking Discomfort". The event took place on January 28, 2019 at the Filmmuseum Potsdam. The goal was not only to inspire people with new ideas and make new ways of thinking accessible, but also to build a bridge between creatives, thinkers, doers and students who try to enrich the region around Potsdam a little bit. The event was a complete success and generated positive feedback. For this reason, it was decided to plan further TEDx events. Since 2023, the events will be held under the name TEDxPotsdam. More information about TEDxPotsdam can be found on the homepage.

In addition to TEDxPotsdam, Engins e.V. pursues other projects that serve the purpose of the association. The projects are supported by the network and resources of Engins e.V.. Ideas that are currently being pursued are: Founding a social incubator, a Worldcafe format at the University of Potsdam, and "No-Bullshit" workshops. Additional ideas can be submitted by members and non-members at info@engins.eu.

Get involved

If you feel like working on a project like TEDxPotsdam or implementing your own idea together with us, write to: info@engins.eu.