Lilli Berger

At the age of 13, wanting to become a funeral director may seem unusual, especially since death had not crossed Lillis path until then. However, she was determined to acquaint herself with it - the taboo topic that everyone fears and avoids discussing.

During her training as a funeral director in 2011, she learned about the crucial role a mortician plays in supporting the grieving process. Her responsibilities extended beyond burying the deceased to guiding their loved ones through their mourning journey.

For her Master's thesis in 2019, she focused on the "Digitization in the Funeral Industry." To her surprise, she found that very little had changed in the funeral industry over the decade since her initial training. Over the past two years, Lilli, along with two co-founders, has developed the first virtual 3D memorial space called farvel. At her new company VYVYT Innovations GmbH, together with Anton Krause and other talented individuals, she continues to create virtual spaces and software solutions tailored to the mourning context to pave the way for the funeral industry's integration into the Metaverse.

Virtuelle Erinnerungsräume, die Zukunft des Trauerns

Es betrifft uns alle. Wir werden sterben. Wir werden den Verlust eines geliebten Menschen erleben. Die Digitalisierung hat Auswirkungen auch auf die Art und Weise, wie wir uns verabschieden, erinnern und mit dem Tod eines geliebten Menschen umgehen. Unsere Bestattungskultur befindet sich im Wandel. Neue Technologien können unseren Trauerprozess unterstützen, sie ermöglichen Erinnerungen an die Verstorbenen anders zu erleben und zu teilen.