Charlotte Vorbeck

Charlotte is a UX designer with a background in technology. She spent the first ten years of her career as a front-end developer for apps, websites, and games, before switching to the field of user experience. Charlotte is passionate about creating technology that solves real problems for real users by combining context, empathy, and design tools into the art of engineering. Today she is consulting and building software for the German administration to help them adopt user-centered and agile methodologies with the goal to build software that works better for everyone.

Besides technology, Charlotte loves to cook and bake for friends, dance in every possible way from modern to ballet to salsa or to re-discover the world together with her two young daughters.

Designing good public services for everyone

Interacting with the state through digital services usually feels like being back in the early 2000s. Especially in Germany, citizens rarely have great experiences. And while there might be very good reasons why it is more complicated to apply for a new passport than it is to order cat food to your home, things do not need to be overly complicated. Designing public services with the clear intention to serve the users' needs is possible. When the German Digital Service was founded three years ago, it was the declared mission to bring engineers, designers and public servants together, to create accessible and inclusive public services that people would want to use and can understand. And even if it is still a huge task to build up digital capabilities and transfer knowledge, resources and talents from the private to the public sector, there are also exciting opportunities when designing technology that is really intended to serve people and foster a transparent, inclusive and fair state.